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Jefferson Memorial (Quick way to enter)

February 20, 2009

(Video tutorial at end of post)

This is another way how to enter the jefferson memorial in fallout 3 when the barriers are up is to make a good jump up on a large rock. You will see this gap if you arrive here from west of RIVET CITY.

img_0161when you get to the barrier go to the end of the barrier on the right and u should see a big boulder with a gap at the top, this is were you’ll need to run up on top of it .

img_0121 This little bit of pavement is just in front of the boulder, it can be used to jump up onto it, take in mind that it might take more than 1 time to succeed , and also note that if you get trapped behind the metal antenna connected to the barrier you will be unable to move to you might want to save just before you attempt this. I have done this on PS3 but has been confirmed on Xbox 360 and PC, if you dont get over the first time just keep trying and eventually you will, its all about the way you jump on onto it. Once your on it try moving up to the top of it, if you cant then trying jumping up again. If you have any problems be sure to comment. Thanks for viewing!


Operation: Anchorage Glitches

February 16, 2009


  •  It is possible to keep your inventory from the simulation. This means that you can keep yourWinterized Combat Armor, Gauss Rifle,Jingwei’s Shock Sword and whatever weapons you got from the Quartermaster (ie:Trench Knife, Assault Rifle, Combat Shotgun, etc.) and then receive your reward from the VSS Armory in the Outcast Outpost. This is possible by exploiting an inventory glitch where the player’s inventory from the simulation is not removed until after the player returns to the Outpost. To perform this glitch, do the following steps in order and remember to save before performing the glitch because it will take several attempts to achieve this. Also note that that the player should not have started the simulation already, otherwise it is impossible to do and I would suggest loading a previous save if you really want Winterized Combat Armor and a second Gauss Rifle.
  1. – To set this glitch up, the player needs to talk to Protector McGraw and then to Specialist Olin to get the Neural Interface Suit. After you equip the suit, do not enter the simulation pod yet.
  2. – Go into the locked room where Gary 23 is and then drag his body back into the pod room. Lift his body into the pod in a way that his body will be in front of you when you sit down. Make sure that it is close enough to search him. Once you sit down, you will not be able to search him so you are going to have to guess if he is close enough. There are certain areas such as under the footstool where it will be hard to reach him so be careful. Now that you have him positioned and you think he will be close enough to search, save the game. Get in the pod and start the simulation, if he happens to move too much and gets out of searching distance, revert to this last save. You will be able to see if this happens right before the simulation starts.
  3. – Enter the simulation and play through to Paving the Way. From this point on everything in your inventory will be taken out of the simulation, so remember to get your weapons package and Gauss Rifle from the Quartermaster and to pick up all the ammo found along the way. Continue playing up to Operation: Anchorage (quest).
  4. – Play through the quest, disabling the pulse field and make your way to the doors of the Chinese Compound. At this point make sure you have a save before going in. Once you enter, pick the speech option ‘I’m going to kill you SO MUCH’. Shoot the Shock Sword out of General Jingwei’s hand. Pick up the Shock Sword and then kill him. Make sure you are not in the southern end of the compound because General Chase may catch you in a speech and send you back to the Outpost without making another save. As soon as you kill General Jingwei, run North toward theChinese Soldiers and turn around to find where General Chase is and then make another save (you can overwrite your last save if you want).
  5. – Now talk to General Chase and he will send you back to the Outpost (remember how you positioned the Gary 23’s body in step 1) During the loading screen start to press A (search button) rapidly. If done properly, you will be able to search his body (normally happens in the black screen, but not always) and at this point put all your items on his body. Exit, talk to Protector McGraw, and then search Gary 23’s body to retrieve your weapons from the simulation. Combined with the following two bugs, a player can leave the simulation with tens of thousands of bottlecaps worth of ammo.
  • – This part is hard and will take several attempts to achieve it. Try several different methods such as rapidly pressing A or tapping A at a slower rate (changing the rate at which you press it helps), using third person, looking down (or down to left or right), or even trying a mixture of them.
  • – Also Most Weapons & Armor taken from within the Simulation will result in them never losing CND. The Fat Man, Super Sledge, and Chinese Officer Sword lose Condition.
  • Another glitch allows you to get all of the weapons that you requisition from the Quartermaster. This is simple, all you do is get one of the tapes for a set weapons (ie: Close Combat, Fire Team, etc.) then get the weapons from theQuartermaster. After you do that, go back to the command tent and get another tape. Go outside again, drop your guns and talk to the Quartermaster again. He will give you the new set of weapons that you ask for. A message will then appear saying your other set of weapons were removed, but they will still be where you dropped them earlier. Keep repeating until you get the desired packages/weapons. If you use this with the other glitch (keeping the weapons from simulation), you can make a fast couple of caps once you sell the items or it’s just a quick way of building an arsenal if you are a low level.
    • Note: Attempting to talk to a stealthed Chinese Stealth Dragoon will cause it to reset your equipment to what you’re supposed to have. Same thing will happen upon conversation with a soldier equipped with Power Armour, and possibly just any NPC.
  • It is also possible to drop your ammo replenish and then pick your original ammunition up again, bypassing the simulation’s built in ammo cap. This allows for infinite ammo as long as the player is willing to repeat the process.
  • – You can gain unlimited EXP during the quest Paving the Way, specifically when securing the Listening Post and destroying the fuel tanks in the Chimera Depot. It is recommended that you save your game between each EXP boost to ensure that you don’t lose any of your hard work.
  1. – First, you will need to recruit a Strike Team that has only one robot in it, either a Mister Gutsy or the Sentry Bot.Benjamin Montgomery will be in your team by default, but do not assign any other NPCs to your squad while attempting this glitch because they will make it more difficult.
  2. – Now, you will need to requistion a weapons package from the Quartermaster. Any weapons package will do, but the Fire Team package is recommended. Your ammo will need to be refilled quite frequently from the nearest ammo supply station depending on how long you want to do this (this can be done indefinitely), however, if you just want it gain quick exp and not spend much time on it, then obtain some hard hitting weapons such as grenades, mines, a missile launcher or a Gauss Rifle. To save time on getting ammo, use the ammo glitch (see above).
  3. – Then tell your team go to the Listening Post or the Chimera Depot or have them follow you to a secluded area. If you head to the Listening Post or the Chimera Depot, clearing the enemies from the area first is recommended.
  4. – Now to actually do the glitch, put the robot between yourself and Benjamin Montgomery and then start attacking the robot. You should try to remain between the robot and Benjamin Montgomery for the duration of the glitch because there is a chance that Benjamin Montgomery will start attacking you when he sees what you are doing, then again there is a chance that he will attack the robot as well (same goes for any other NPCs you might have put in your group). Also if you use VATs and have the Mysterious Stranger Perk, there is a chance that he will appear and you will not get credit for the kill.
  5. – Once the robot is destroyed you can request another from Benjamin Montgomery. Within seconds, another will appear nearby. Repeat step 4 as many times as you want to gain EXP.

Col. Autumn’s uniform, 10mm Pistol and Laser pistol

January 26, 2009


Method 1: this is the only way to get his uniform AND his 10mm pistol (you cant get his laser pistol here). you have to started the “waters of life” , in order you have to be up to the part when the enclave arrive and you are watching Dad in the Rotunda with Col Autumn and his guards. As soon as you enter the Rotunda you could run up and jump through into the room just before the door closes, if you do this (may take more than once to succeed) then you will not be able to get out, therefore resulting to death because of the radiation thats kills everyone. Just wait outside for the Col and Dad to die, make sure the cursor in on the body u wont to loot (they have to be near the door)  do this in 3rd person, hold down the button which changes perspective, rotate the camera the camera around until you see “search Colonel Autumn” and there you go.

This picture i took shows my player with his uniform ( i had Dads as well ) while Dad and the Col where still inside the chamber bit ( there in there underwear in the picture ), i got the uniform using the rotating method above.

img_0147 However you wont be getting his unique laser pistol but u will have his uniform and his 10mm pistol.

Method 2: If you have missed your chance in the above method you still have another. After you have finished the “American Dream” Quest (the one at Raven Rock) and BEFORE you activate the robot Liberty Prime (aka the very last mission) fast travel to Rivet City. Once here travel West to the Jefferson Memorial and you should see the blue energy shields. Since you should be coming from the West side go up to where the energy shield cuts off and where the generator is, make a save here. The reason for the save is that when you are jumping over these rocks it is possible to get permanently stuck, any who continue jumping and you should make it over the rocks. The hole in the rocks is under the “stairs”, not between the stairs and energy shield generator. Once that is over make your way inside the Gift Shop and into the Rotunda (there will be Enclave Soldiers in the gift shop). Col. Autumn will be standing in there like he is on the final mission but he will not talk with you. You now need to reverse pickpocket a suit of armor onto him that is in good condition (I used Enclave armor). After that leave the room and then re enter, Col. Autumn should be wearing the suit of armor you just put onto him allowing you to pickpocket his outfit.

Note: If you get the uniform using method 1 then go to the jefferson memorial like above ( method 2) he would have another uniform so you could repair your current uniform and you will now have both of the Col weapons.

Note: if you do get into the Rotunda before the “Emergency Bulkhead” door closes and you get into the room with Dad and the Col with his guards, the Col will not say anything to you and you will have no dialog options and the Col will kill the other scientist in the Rotunda. Dad and the others will have the same dialog options they had before, the enclave guards will just say “yeah” and “bye” but remember that when you get in you wont be getting out…


Entering jefferson memorial( when activated “Liberty prime” in “take it back”)

January 25, 2009

Thats right people, you can get in the jefferson memorial when you even activated liberty prime…img_0123 ………..The bridge entrance is shut of when liberty prime is activated, but this isnt the way you have to go.

img_0097This is what the used to be clear entrance from Rivet city to jefferson memorial looks like. if you go to this part then go on the edge of the barrier you see on the picture, move left until you see this area:img_0104It is at the edge near the wall next to it. As you can see there is an antenna sticking out from the barrier where my player is standing(prototype medic power armor if your thinking)its best to jump onto it in 3rd person mode, when on it like so youll have to turn and jump through the black stick on the barrier, pict under.img_0109When you successfully jump from the antenna through the black stick you should be in the memorial, be warned there is a large number of enclave troopers, when level 15 and above most of them are with plasma rifles and tesla armor. if fawkes folows you in when 15 or above it can be the case he is killed.

In order to get a companion in you just have to move around a bit and they should appear or enter the gift shop and theyll spawn behind you or infront. This is the way to kill  col. autumn to get his trenchcoat and his laser pistol.