Jefferson Memorial (Quick way to enter)

(Video tutorial at end of post)

This is another way how to enter the jefferson memorial in fallout 3 when the barriers are up is to make a good jump up on a large rock. You will see this gap if you arrive here from west of RIVET CITY.

img_0161when you get to the barrier go to the end of the barrier on the right and u should see a big boulder with a gap at the top, this is were you’ll need to run up on top of it .

img_0121 This little bit of pavement is just in front of the boulder, it can be used to jump up onto it, take in mind that it might take more than 1 time to succeed , and also note that if you get trapped behind the metal antenna connected to the barrier you will be unable to move to you might want to save just before you attempt this. I have done this on PS3 but has been confirmed on Xbox 360 and PC, if you dont get over the first time just keep trying and eventually you will, its all about the way you jump on onto it. Once your on it try moving up to the top of it, if you cant then trying jumping up again. If you have any problems be sure to comment. Thanks for viewing!


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