Winterized T-51b Armor


The special winterized version of T-51b Power Armor appears in the Operation: Anchorage Add on pack for Fallout 3.



It is one of two armors used by U.S. Soldiers (the other armor of choice being Winterized Combat Armor) in the Anchorage Reclamation simulationand can be obtained from a weapon cache in the Outcast Outpost after completing the simulation.

It is identical to the T-51b power armor in Fort Constantine, other than having a lack of rust, having snow-camouflaged paint, and the main body of the suit has only 45% damage resistance compared to the rusted version’s 50%.


  • The item can be worn before the player receives Power Armor Trainingfrom Paladin Gunny. After the simulation is completed, you receive the Power Armor Training perk.
  • This armor has an item health of nearly 10 million HP, the helmet has nearly 1 million HP. It is possible that the developers accidentally placed the wrong version inside the cache – there are 2 versions of each armor and weapon in the add on, one for the simulation (with unusual high item health so it appears like it doesn’t degrade) and a “Wasteland” version. The “Wasteland” version of this armor has normal item health, can be repaired using T-4x Power Armors (the simulation version cannot) and has the same stats.
  • It can be hard to see but the armor has a US Army logo and flag decal below the valve on the back. It also has 2 stars on the front of the shoulder plates, and it has a serial code on the left breast plate.
  • The T-51b power armor appears to have a light on the helmet (as does the Power Armor) but this cannot be used.
  • The Winterized T-51b is not available to the player during the simulation.


  • If you pick this armor up while doing the quest You Gotta Shoot ‘Em in the Head the game confuses this for the T-51b Power Armor from Fort Constantine and completes the mission.
  • You can sometimes wear the Ghoul Mask, Shady Hat and various other head gear while wearing the Winterized T-51B helmet. When viewing your character externally, however, you’ll only be wearing the helmet, whereas your inventory will show that you are wearing all of them.

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  1. Says:

    Cool. Hey what else do you know about Operation Anchorage. I heard a rumor that it’s a simulation. If it is, what happened to the real Alaska?

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