Prototype Medic Armor


The Prototype Medic Power Armor was designed to administer medical attention to the user as necessary during combat.


Unfortunately, the prototype version can only administer Med-X, the game’s version of morphine. Its outward appearance is nearly identical to T-4x Power Armor series.

The armor was planned as an automatic medical supply dispenser, meaning troops would not have to be evacuated for medical treatment. The user manual found with the armor details that the final version was to also include a lethal chemical that could be triggered by a superior officer if the soldier deserted.

This armor still requires Power Armor training perk to use.



  • The armor dispenses Med-X every 2.5hrs after checking your hitpoint total. Since it is on a timer it does NOT dispense Med-X during the heat of battle (when you’d need it most).
  • If the player leaves after going into the sewer it will disappear.
  • Despite looking like BoS power armor it has a star on the shoulder-pads, painted in the colors of the USA
  • The T-51b Power Armor can not be repaired by this armor. This armor, however, can be repaired by the T-51b, so be careful not to make that mistake.
  • In addition to the Med-X dispensing system, the armor features an onboard voice that resembles Mister Gutsy in terms of sound and personality. This feature (and the suit itself) may be a nod to the HEV suit from the Half-Life franchise, which also administered medical care (including morphine), and had an on-board computerized voice (albeit without a personality).
  • The PMPA will use Med-X in your inventory, so don’t wear it if you want to keep that Med-X for a special occasion.
  • It will not dispense Med-X when you have none in your inventory, as it checks to see if Med-X is available before attempting to dispense.
  • It’s also worth noting that no matter how many Med-X chems the suit dispenses to you, you will not become addicted to Med-X. 
  • This armor can be repaired with all other Power Armor variations, but not Enclave and Tesla variants.
  • There is a random encounter where a BoS Knight and an Enclave Soldier talk about this armor, and why the BoS never recovered it from Old Olney.
  • This armor can be very helpful in battle as it will always shout out a phrase, alerting you of any danger, even if your perception is low.
  • Even though the armor will alert you of any danger, nearby foes will be able to hear the shouting and will become alert to your presence. This makes it very poor when trying to take a stealthy approach.


A while into Old Olney will be a manhole that you can use to reach the armor. Enter the manhole and go a few feet forward and to the left. There will be a metal door, go through it to a room with a generator, and to the left of you will be another door. Go through, then to the left will be a room with a workbench and a few radioactive barrels. A bit further on is a door to the right which opens up to a dead BoS initiate with the armor.

How you deal with the Deathclaws in the sewers will depend on you character’s skills and abilities. However if your character is too weak to take on a Deathclaw, sneaking past them (using a Stealth Boy) is the best course of action. For more information on how to deal with Deathclaws, try the Deathclaw Article or Discussion pages.

Please note: In all platforms, the Medic Armor is known to have many glitches, some of the rumours are:

  • You must have access to The Citadel after “The Waters of Life” quest, and also have Power Armor training
  • Once you have entered the sewers and exited it again, the body carrying the armor will dissapear.
  • If you have the 1.1 patch, it is possible the body may never appear.


  • “Listen up, you God-damn puke. You are now wearing Prototype Medic Power Armor. You take care of me, and I’ll take care of you.”
  • “Medic Armor, reporting for duty, SIR!”
  • “Medic Armor, reporting for duty, MA’AM!”
  • “Time to kick some ass!”
  • “Let ’em eat lead!”
  • “Gear up, soldier!”
  • “It’s just pain, soldier! Have some of this and tough it out.”
  • “Be a soldier, not a civvie! Have some juice and suck it up.”
  • “Pansy! Take a shot of vitamin M and keep fighting.”
  • “Threat detected nearby!”


It appears only in Fallout 3 on a dead Brotherhood of Steel Initiate in Old Olney Sewers. Has also been found in Deathclaw Sanctuary in the Xbox 360 version.

Note: In some rare cases the armor never appears in the sewers and may never be obtainable without the console.


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