T-51b Power Armor

The T-51b Power Armor is the Power Armor in the original games. It is a unique model in this game and can only be found in Fort Constantine.



The T-51b is one of the only Power Armor variants, the other being the Tesla Armor, in Fallout 3 which does not carry an Agility penalty; instead it grants a Charisma bonus for reasons unexplained (possibly a nod to the iconic nature of the armor in association with the Fallout franchise, or because it is so convincing to say yes to a tall man in this beastly armor). It does not offer a Strength bonus like in previous Fallout games, this could be a mistake by the developers or a possible attempt to make no single dominant armor in the game. 

Acquiring It: 

The only full set of the T-51b Power Armor can be found at Fort Constantine in the bomb storage building (dont be confused with the separate building named “Bomb Storage”, this is the exit.) It’s stored in the Weapons R&D laboratory behind a stasis field, easily disabled from the nearby terminal. It would be noted, however, that you need the three keys that you get from the “You Gotta Shoot ‘Em in the Head” quest as these keys open the doors to the actual armor ( You dont have to do the quest to get the keys from your victims). A fourth key is retrieved from Tara near the door leading to the terminal/stasis field.

Another way of getting the Armor is when you successfully complete “You Gotta Shoot ‘Em in the Head”(with the keys handed over to Mister Crowley): then you can often find Crowley with the Power Armor sometime after you have completed the quest. You can then kill him for the armor but remember, this would send the whole of the Underworld after you; unless you kill him with stealth or remove Ceberus’s Combat Inhibitor (preferably when Crowley is in the vicinity) which would cause the robot to kill him (and others) without the Underworld attacking you. Alternatively, you can use the Mesmetron on him which will turn him hostile (or blow off his head; if this happens simply reload your last save) towards everyone in the Underworld. In the presence of Cerberus, he will die quickly without harming any other residents or loss of karma.

One strategy to get the power armor without alerting any of the people of Underworld is to wait until Mr Crowley is alone or has very few people around him, preferably when he is asleep. If you have a follower have them wait outside the room. Once that is done, use a stealth boy and reverse pickpocket a frag grenade or frag mine, killing Crowley and allowing you to take the armor. If done properly no one in Underworld will attack you, or even care.  Use of the Mr. Sandman Perk on Mr. Crowley yields the same successful results. Also you can wait for Mr. Crowley to leave the underworld with the keys, and kill him in the museum lobby.


The T-51b cannot be repaired using any other power armor variants. The T-51b can be broken down to repair T-4x Power Armor, destroying the T-51b. Only shop keepers or caravan traders can repair T-51b Power Armor (an expensive option) and the results are limited by the skill of the repairing NPC. NPC’s can still repair it to a high enough condition to put it at a higher damage resistance than all other armors.

On the plus side, T-51b armor is twice as durable as standard Power Armor, and thus it degrades half as quickly as it takes damage.

The only way to keep the T-51b from being damaged is to give it to followers, since their armor’s condition never degrades.


  • The terminal that disables the stasis field around the T-51b Power Armor reads “Medical Armor Prototype”. This might be a bug, or perhaps evidence of mismatched armor locations, as it seems to refer to the Prototype Medic Power Armor found in Old Olney Sewers. This would also explain why an armor in a stasis field would be rusted. Simply put, it wasnt always in that field. It was probably placed in there when the rookie had taken the Prototype Medic Power Armor.
  • This is actually the original power armor from Fallout 1 and Fallout 2.

Operation: Anchorage

Oddly enough, the Winterized T-51b cannot be used to repair the old one. This may be because the Winterized version has 45 damage protection instead of 50 like the one in Fort Constantine.


  • In the PS3 version of the game, there is a bug that causes only the main body to be in the stasis field.
    • In some cases the helmet can be found in the right corner of the room.
  • Followers may get stuck in Fort Constantine when you try to leave.


  • The T-51b armor in other Fallout games is inferior to Enclave Power Armor series due to the pre-war technology used to make it. In Fallout 3 however, it has the greatest damage resistance out of any armor available in the game, apart from the Tesla Armor set with the glitched tesla power pack

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