Col. Autumn’s uniform, 10mm Pistol and Laser pistol


Method 1: this is the only way to get his uniform AND his 10mm pistol (you cant get his laser pistol here). you have to started the “waters of life” , in order you have to be up to the part when the enclave arrive and you are watching Dad in the Rotunda with Col Autumn and his guards. As soon as you enter the Rotunda you could run up and jump through into the room just before the door closes, if you do this (may take more than once to succeed) then you will not be able to get out, therefore resulting to death because of the radiation thats kills everyone. Just wait outside for the Col and Dad to die, make sure the cursor in on the body u wont to loot (they have to be near the door)  do this in 3rd person, hold down the button which changes perspective, rotate the camera the camera around until you see “search Colonel Autumn” and there you go.

This picture i took shows my player with his uniform ( i had Dads as well ) while Dad and the Col where still inside the chamber bit ( there in there underwear in the picture ), i got the uniform using the rotating method above.

img_0147 However you wont be getting his unique laser pistol but u will have his uniform and his 10mm pistol.

Method 2: If you have missed your chance in the above method you still have another. After you have finished the “American Dream” Quest (the one at Raven Rock) and BEFORE you activate the robot Liberty Prime (aka the very last mission) fast travel to Rivet City. Once here travel West to the Jefferson Memorial and you should see the blue energy shields. Since you should be coming from the West side go up to where the energy shield cuts off and where the generator is, make a save here. The reason for the save is that when you are jumping over these rocks it is possible to get permanently stuck, any who continue jumping and you should make it over the rocks. The hole in the rocks is under the “stairs”, not between the stairs and energy shield generator. Once that is over make your way inside the Gift Shop and into the Rotunda (there will be Enclave Soldiers in the gift shop). Col. Autumn will be standing in there like he is on the final mission but he will not talk with you. You now need to reverse pickpocket a suit of armor onto him that is in good condition (I used Enclave armor). After that leave the room and then re enter, Col. Autumn should be wearing the suit of armor you just put onto him allowing you to pickpocket his outfit.

Note: If you get the uniform using method 1 then go to the jefferson memorial like above ( method 2) he would have another uniform so you could repair your current uniform and you will now have both of the Col weapons.

Note: if you do get into the Rotunda before the “Emergency Bulkhead” door closes and you get into the room with Dad and the Col with his guards, the Col will not say anything to you and you will have no dialog options and the Col will kill the other scientist in the Rotunda. Dad and the others will have the same dialog options they had before, the enclave guards will just say “yeah” and “bye” but remember that when you get in you wont be getting out…



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  1. Eric Says:

    What system is this for? Do you know if it works on 360?

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