Entering jefferson memorial( when activated “Liberty prime” in “take it back”)

Thats right people, you can get in the jefferson memorial when you even activated liberty prime…img_0123 ………..The bridge entrance is shut of when liberty prime is activated, but this isnt the way you have to go.

img_0097This is what the used to be clear entrance from Rivet city to jefferson memorial looks like. if you go to this part then go on the edge of the barrier you see on the picture, move left until you see this area:img_0104It is at the edge near the wall next to it. As you can see there is an antenna sticking out from the barrier where my player is standing(prototype medic power armor if your thinking)its best to jump onto it in 3rd person mode, when on it like so youll have to turn and jump through the black stick on the barrier, pict under.img_0109When you successfully jump from the antenna through the black stick you should be in the memorial, be warned there is a large number of enclave troopers, when level 15 and above most of them are with plasma rifles and tesla armor. if fawkes folows you in when 15 or above it can be the case he is killed.

In order to get a companion in you just have to move around a bit and they should appear or enter the gift shop and theyll spawn behind you or infront. This is the way to kill  col. autumn to get his trenchcoat and his laser pistol.


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