Quest perks

Name    Requirements    Description    Code   
Ant Might Mutation by Doctor Lesko‘s ant serum +1 ST and +25% fire resistance. 000C1A6B
Ant Sight Mutation by Doctor Lesko‘s ant serum +1 PE and +25% fire resistance. 000C1A6C
Barkskin Oasis quest – Kill Harold You gain a permanent +5% to Damage Resistance. 00035E04
Dream Crusher Talk Moira Brown out of writing the Wasteland Survival Guide. Reduces an enemy’s chance to critically hit you by 50%. 00030FEB
Hematophage Blood Ties quest: Talk to Vance about being a vampire. Blood Packs heal 20 Hit Points instead of 1 point. 00003131
Power Armor Training Learned from the Brotherhood of Steel You won’t be able to use a suit of Power Armor without this perk. 00058FDF
Rad Regeneration Help Moira Brown with the Wasteland Survival Guide by gaining 600 rads when she asks. With the Rad Regeneration perk, any crippled limbs will regenerate themselves when exposed to a certain level of radiation. (At least 400 rads of radiation is required for this to work) 0003066B
Survivor (Junior / Expert / Guru) Help Moira Brown finish the Wasteland Survival Guide by completing the final chapter. varies You gain a +6% bonus to Poison Resistance and Radiation Resistance and either additional Crit %, Additional DR, or 6 points to both the Medicine and Science or Sneak and Speech. Follow the link for more info.
Wired Reflexes Side with Dr. Zimmer in the quest The Replicated Man. Advanced technology from the Commonwealth has increased your reaction speed, giving you a 10% higher chance to hit in V.A.T.S. 00024D5C

Important : if you try to add them before doing the quest required it may cause the game to corrupt or crash…


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