Custom built weapons

NAME   ↓ SKILL   ↓ CODE   ↓ Components   ↓
Bottlecap Mine Explosives 0000433A, 000BAFFB Lunchbox,Cherry Bomb,Sensor model,

10 bottlecaps.

Dart Gun Small Guns 0000432A, 000BAFFA  Paint gun, toy car, surgical tubing and radscorpian poisen gland.
Deathclaw Gauntlet Unarmed 0000432B, 000BAFFC  wonder glue, leather belt, medical brace and deathclaw hand.
Nuka Grenade Explosives 00004342, 000BAFFD  nuka-cola quantum, tin can, turpentine and abraxo cleaner
Railway Rifle Small Guns 00004348, 000BAFFE  fission battery, pressure cooker, steam guage assembly and a crutch.
Rock-It Launcher Big Guns 0000434B, 000BAFFF  vacuum cleaner, leaf blower, fire hose nozzle and conducter.
Shishkebab Melee Weapons 0000434E, 000BB000 motorcycle gas tank, motorcycle handbrake, lawnmower blade and pilot light.


specail thanks to the vault wiki who made this table:


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