Bobblehead Locations

1. Energy Weapons

Zone: 1.01
Lat/Lon: -28/28
Location: Raven Rock
Specifics: Raven Rock Level 2, colonel Autumn’s quarters, on table

2. Big Guns

Zone: 1.04
Lat/Lon: -17/26
Location: Fort Constantine
Specifics: CO quarters, inside open safe

3. Endurance

Zone: 1.07
Lat/Lon: -22/20
Location: Deathclaw Sanctuary
Specifics: Deathclaw Sanctuary, initial chamber, next to corpse pile

4. Explosives

Zone: 1.11
Lat/Lon: -17/18
Location: WKML Broadcast Station
Specifics: Sealed Cistern, next to ham radio

5. Speech

Zone: 2.08
Lat/Lon: -09/16
Location: Paradise Falls
Specifics: Eulogy’s Pad, on table

6. Perception

Zone: 3.03
Lat/Lon: 19/27
Location: The Republic of Dave
Specifics: Museum of Dave, bookcase

7. Agility

Zone: 3.06
Lat/Lon: 07/21
Location: Greener Pastures Disposal Site
Specifics: Office, on table

8. Repair

Zone: 5.07
Lat/Lon: -11/06
Location: Arefu
Specifics: Evan King’s House, on table

9. Science

Zone: 5.12
Lat/Lon: -09/01
Location: Vault 106
Specifics: Vault 106 living quarters, medical bay eastern wall, on shelves


10. Charisma

Zone: 6.06
Lat/Lon: 18/06
Location: Vault 108
Specifics: Vault 108 Cloning Lab, on table

11. Lockpick

Zone: 6.07
Lat/Lon: 05/03
Location: Bethesda Ruins
Specifics: Bethesda Offices East, top floor, on desk in central room

12. Small Guns

Zone: 6.11
Lat/Lon: 18/-03
Location: National Guard Depot
Specifics: National Guard Armory, shelf in equipment storage

13. Sneak

Zone: 7.01
Lat/Lon: -28/-04
Location: Yoo Guai Tunnel
Specifics: Yoo Guai Den, on metal crate, eastern area of central cavern.

14. Barter

Zone: 7.04
Lat/Lon: -18/-07
Location: Evergreen Mills
Specifics: Bazaar, Jack’s northeast alcove; top right shelf behind the Work Bench.

15. Melee Weapons

Zone: 7.11
Lat/Lon: -26/-18
Location: Dunwich Building
Specifics: Virulent Underchambers, mall maintenance room

16. Unarmed

Zone: 7.C
Lat/Lon: -26/-07
Location: Rockopolis
Specifics: Rockopolis, next to Argyle’s body

17. Medicine

Zone: 8.01
Lat/Lon: -04/-04
Location: Vault 101
Specifics: Vault 101, Dad’s clinic table

18. Strength

Zone: 8.03
Lat/Lon: -01/-06
Location: Megaton
Specifics: Lucas Simms’ house, sheriff’s bedroom on table

19. Intelligence

Zone: 9.15
Lat/Lon: 18/-17
Location: Rivet City
Specifics: Science Lab, on table

20. Luck

Zone: 16.03
Lat/Lon: N/A
Location: Arlington House
Specifics: Arlington house, cellar shelves

1fallout if you have any problems finding the bobblheads or finding the locations please comment i ill help you with your problems.


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